The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services updated their transparency guidelines requiring all hospitals to publish standard charges on their websites. Salem Health has published its Charge Description Master (CDM) file which includes pricing for individual services. For assistance in better understanding costs, contact our estimates team at 503-814-2678 or estimates@salemhealth.org.

You may create an estimate online for many common procedures, click here to see a list of procedures. Sign in to your MyChart account to create and save estimates. If you do not have a MyChart account, you can create a guest estimate here. You may also request a MyChart account here.


  1. )  The CDM file will not provide a complete estimate for the costs of all services provided during your visit. It does not include professional fees charged by providers. For example, if an exam includes services by emergency medicine, radiology, pathology, etc., you may receive a separate bill from those providers.
  2. )  Your medical insurance plan benefits determine your costs. The CDM is not a guarantee that these services are covered benefits under your medical insurance contract. If you need further help to determine your out-of-pocket costs, contact your medical insurance company for assistance, or if you do not have medical insurance, contact (503) 814-2678 or estimates@salemhealth.org.

NOTE: This information includes services that have been provided within the last twelve months. Items that are not priced in our CDM are indicated by “Variable” in the price field. Prices for these services change frequently.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Please contact our patient financial services at 503-814-BILL (2455) to have an application mailed, or you can download the application at on our charity care page.